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Petiquette Collars create hand crafted leather collars for your cats and dogs which are stylish yet practical.  Made to order using the finest Italian leathers and dazzling Swarovski crystals, browse our range of original collar designs which are as individual as your pet.

Soft Italian Leathers

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We've sourced luxuriously soft and supple leathers from the tanneries of Italy to create collars which will provide your pets the comfort they deserve, while looking great too!

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Luxury dog collars from Petiquette Collars


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Handmade dog collars

Our Story

In 2009 we made a collar for a very special Westie named Harry, and now, almost ten years later we send hand crafted leather collars to every corner of the globe

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Our leather collars are tailor made to fit, giving your dog the most comfortable collar they'll ever wear.  Check out our sizing guide to ensure you order the correct size.

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Top quality designer leather dog collars from Petiquette Collars

As a dog owner you may prefer a 'classic' leather dog collar for their pets or alternatively you may lean towards the more glamorous crystallised dog collars. Regardless of which style of collar you choose, we have sourced a wonderfully soft and supple Italian leather, which allows us to make strong, long lasting and most importantly, comfortable collars for your dogs. We only use the finest leather for our designer leather dog collars and as such are guaranteed to look stunning on your dog.

Why buy one of our luxury leather collars?

Petiquette luxury leather collars are designed with three main factors in mind. To look great, to withstand whatever our precious "fur babies" can throw at them, and to be gentle around your pet's neck. Our collars are customised especially for you and your pet. With a variety of stylish options, ranging from dazzling Swarovski crystals, out of this world metallic leathers or beautiful conchos, Petiquette collars can be made to fit any shape, size or breed. Our leather dog collars are bespoke and handmade with natural materials. Our luxurious Italian leather collars are the best choice for a dog who struggles wearing collars or who have super sensitive skin. The soft leather won't rub and many of our customers come back to us time and again for the sole reason that Petiquette collars are the only collars they've found which don't irritate the neck. Even if your dog doesn’t have sensitive skin, we proudly believe that our luxury dog collars are the best, and we think all dogs deserve the best.

Easy maintenance leather dog collar.

Our leather dog collars are easy to take care of. Just use a damp cloth and wipe off any dried mud and dirt then set it aside to dry naturally. That is all it usually takes to do the job, but if it needs more, simply apply a tiny amount of soap or leather cream to any stains and gently dab with your cloth. It couldn’t be easier.

A great choice for large or small dogs.

As we handcraft all of our collars to your specification, we can offer a huge amount of versatility. Whether you have a large, strong dog who pulls a lot, or a small dog who only wears a collar for identification purposes, we have a collar which will suit your needs.

Collars might not be something that most people think too about much, but they are certainly something that we here at Petiquette have given much thought to. A well made, quality leather collar will not only last a long time when cared for, it looks timeless and is very versatile. Buy one of our luxury designer dog collars today and treat your dog to an amazing gift, whilst showing the world how loved your best friend is.