How are Petiquette Collars Measured?

As many collar makers will measure their collars in different ways it can sometimes be a bit confusing when it comes to knowing what size collar to choose.  

If you follow our easy size guide you should be able to get the perfect fit each time, but we thought it may also to be helpful to show you how each collar is actually measured too.

measuring a dog collar

When laid out flat, we measure from the middle of the buckle, ie where the prong sticks out of the leather fold to the first hole, and then from the middle of the buckle to the last hole.  

So, if you order a 12"-14" collar, the first hole will be 12" from the middle of the buckle, and the last hole will be 14" from the middle of the buckle.  This should then fit a dog with a neck size of between 12" and 14".  

There will then be an additional length of leather to fit under the buckle, so the overall length will be a couple of inches longer than the largest measurement.  For example, the total length of a 12"-14" collar would be around 16 inches.

This is why it's important not to measure the total length of your collar, when choosing your collar size, as it will result in the wrong size of collar being made.

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