Important Update on Red Dingo ID Tags


All Red Dingo pet ID tags are engraved and dispatched directly from the Red Dingo factory in Switzerland.  Typically delivery would take 5-7 working days, but this year there have been challenges from both Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic which are causing severe delays.

Transport capacities have been massively reduced due to COVID and along with new processes at customs due to Brexit, international deliveries are taking much longer than usual.  

Due to social distancing measures, and many staff are off sick or furloughed, the processing centre is forced to work slower and much less efficiently, so tags are not being sent out as quickly as normal either.

We are currently seeing delivery times of ID tags take 3-4 weeks, which while frustrating, is something that no-one has any control over as we are living in extremely challenging times.

Please be aware that an ID tag that hasn't arrived will not be considered lost/delayed until 4 weeks has passed since dispatch of the tag from Red Dingo.

Hopefully once social distancing measures ease up and if customs processes become more familiar with workers then international deliveries will return to normal.

I appreciate your patience,


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