New Collar Designs - Whippet and Greyhound Collars

We've just added a few new Whippet and Greyhound collar designs which we feel really embody the spirit of summer.

First up is the aptly named, Summer Flower collar, which features a two tone leather flower with a Swarovski crystal at it's centre and leather foliage on either side.  You're able to customise the colour of the collar, flower and crystal to make this colour your own.  Follow the links for the Whippet collar and the Greyhound collar version of the collar.

Summer Flower handmade sighthound collar

The second new design to be added is the Butterfly Farm collar.  This unique collar design features one large butterfly with a crystal at its centre, flanked by smaller butterflies, all made in the Italian calf leather colour of your choice.

Again, the Butterfly Farm design can be made as a Whippet collar or a Greyhound collar.

Butterfly Farm handmade leather lurcehr collar by Petiquette Collars


Finally, we have one of the most lighthearted collar designs in our collection, the Heart Eyed Emoji collar.  Taking inspiration from the popularity of emojis, the collar has a hand cut and sewn heart eyed emoji in the centre of the collar with green leather foliage on either side.  Definitely a collar for the joker in your pack :)

Follow the links for the Whippet Collar and Greyhound collar versions of this design.

Heart Eyed Emoji Collar from Petiquette Collars

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