Petiquette Collars is Ten Years Old!

On a cold and dreary Christmas Eve on 2009, instead of spending time with family, I was excitedly hitting buttons on a computer keyboard.  

You see I'd spent months in the lead up to Christmas designing and planning a new business venture.  Dazzling crystal dog collars that could be customised exactly how the customer wanted so that every leather collar creation could be as individual as our dogs.

Christmas Eve 2009 was the culmination of the planning, and by mid afternoon, the Petiquette website had been launched, and our business was started.  There was almost no interest in Christmas that year, as I frantically hit the refresh key on my mail program waiting for the onslaught of orders which never came.

It took another two months of waiting though before the first sale came through, but from that very first greyhound collar that was made by hand and dispatched I knew that Petiquette Collars was the job I had never realised that I always wanted.

Over the years I've gone from making collars in a darkened, uninsulated garage, to a custom made workspace in our new home.  Leathers sourced from the finest tanneries in Tuscany and genuine Swarovski crystals can be found stacked high in our workshop.  

Our collar styles have evolved over the years, but one thing I've always been passionate about, and which will always remain the core value here at Petiquette is customer service.  In the age of online shopping, good customer service has become something of an afterthought, but I believe that all of us deserve to be able to be comfortable in the knowledge that if something does go wrong, there doesn't need to be an uphill battle to rectify it.  

The past ten years have absolutely flown by.  There have been some incredibly difficult times, exceedingly long days and nights, but as most small business owners will know, this is the territory that comes with running a business, and I personally wouldn't change it for the world.

Thank you all so much for supporting Petiquette Collars over the past decade, you've helped to grow a tiny startup into a successful family business.

Merry Christmas and look out in 2020 for some special birthday offers!!


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