Swarovski crystal update

UPDATE 14/02/21
I have sourced a supplier for Preciosa crystals and received some samples, and am happy to say that I can't tell the difference between the quality of the Preciosa crystal and the Swarovski crystal, so that's what I'll be using going forward.
I'm going to be having a complete colour refresh, and am in the process of choosing which colours to go with; there are some lovely shades I have my eye on, and there may even be some larger crystals coming too. Once ordered they should be with me in the next few weeks, so then it will be a case of getting some new collars made with the new collars, photos taken and uploaded to the website, then hopefully we can all put this nasty Swarovski business behind us and carry on making beautiful collars for your pets!
It's going to be a tricky few weeks but I'm not one to give up, so don't you worry, our crystal designs will be back up and running before you can shake a sparkly stick.
Thanks for your understanding,
UPDATE 10/2/21
I'm currently out of stock of lots of the small crystal colours and have been waiting for stock for several months.  Since the pandemic Swarovski have been slow to manufacture crystals, and combined with Brexit, deliveries from the EU are taking longer than usual.
Once I obtain a new crystal supplier I hope to rectify these problems.
I wanted to give you all an update on some important changes that will be happening this year. Swarovski crystal have recently undergone some leadership changes, and the new CEO has made the decision that Swarovski will no longer sell their loose components to anyone other than large blue chip companies as of March of this year.
This means that all businesses who use Swarovski crystals in their product designs, as Petiquette does, will no longer be able to purchase and use them.
The distributors I use to buy the Swarovski crystal components are now being forced to completely change their business models, as many have primarily focused on Swarovski sales for years. As such, I'm now working closely with my distributors who are sourcing alternative crystals of equal quality.
As of now I'm uncertain of the crystal brand I'll be using in my collars going forward, but as soon as I have more information I'll be sure to let you all know.
At present, I have a limited amount of Swarovski stock, so if you have been thinking about another collar then ordering soon would be a good idea as colours will be running low soon.
Many thanks for your understanding,

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