Two new leather colour options for summer!

Summer is in full swing and I'm happy to add two new sumptuous colours of leather to our rainbow of leather colour options.

The first is for all of the pink lovers, it's a rather fabulous candyfloss pink.  Think fairgrounds, beach days and maybe even flamingos, and that pretty much sums up this colour which we're sure will be hit with all of your girls strutting their stuff whilst out for walks!

The second colour, and quite possibly my new favourite shade, is Royal purple.  I literally gasped when I unwrapped this leather, it's just GORGEOUS!  A rich, bright purple which just screams elegance and luxury.  Any dog, whether male or female will look incredible wearing a luxury leather dog collar made in this shade of purple.

We've still more work to do over summer, with more collar designs incoming to take advantage of our new size of crystal, which will be arriving soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the new shades!

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