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    Quality leather cat collars for your pet.

    Once your cat is ready to go out into the great outdoors, it is important that you fit them with a quality cat collar. Whether you get your cat microchipped or not, luxury cat collars are still an indispensable purchase that all cat owners will want to make. Unquestionably, there are many different types cat collars available, all with different purposes, so it is vital that choose one that is right for both you and your cat.

    Consider your cat's personality.

    Handmade leather cat collars are created with personality in mind. Is your cat delicate and dignified or fearless and colourful? You will want to buy a luxury cat collar that more than matches your cat's individual nature. Luxury cat collars are accessible in any shape, size and price range that you could wish for. In many cases, the cat collar you choose is based on your relationship with your cat, the type of cat that you have or its specific breed. A dainty cat collar is the right choice if your cat is prim and magisterial while a dark handmade leather cat collar can bring out the daring side of your cat's personality.

    Colours to compliment cats.

    We all think that our cats are beautiful, and they are. However, just the same as people, some colours look much better on us than others. Certain luxury / designer cat collars will come in colours that will better accentuate your cat in comparison to others. Search through the numerous styles of cat collars to find the perfect collar which will exemplify and compliment your cat's colouring. Bright colours also help your cat to stand out from the crowd which comes in handy when they go out and about on their travels.

    Dare to be brave.

    Handmade leather cat collars allow you to avoid owning the plain cat collars you can buy at most pet shops. Try quality leather and opt for bright accents against a warm background. A stylish 21st-century cat collar can have a big impact with painstakingly intricate stitching. Many cat owners use a cat collar as an accessory on their cats to make a modern statement about their furry friend. As a loving owner, you can look at purchasing a high-quality luxury cat collar as a perfect opportunity to reflect your own personality as well as the fun and vibrant personality of your cat.


    The most crucial thing is to ensure a new cat collar fits your cat comfortably. There are various different breeds of cat which means that cat collars will range in sizes from small to large and most obviously kittens will have a significantly smaller neck than adult cats. Before you buy a cat collar, ensure that you measure your cat's neck which will allow you to pick a luxury collar that comfortably fits for everyday wear.

    It really does not matter what kind of taste you have as there will be a cat collar for you within our luxury range. A handmade cat collar from Petiquette Collars will help your cat look great whilst keeping them safe.