Greyhound Collars

Dog collars to fulfill all of your greyhound’s requirements.

As one of the fastest breeds of dog, your greyhound will have special requirements when it comes to wearing a dog collar. There are many different greyhound collar varieties available for your dog, so you will need to determine which one will be the most suitable choice for your dog based on personal preferences and of course your dog’s lifestyle.

Greyhounds, as you will already know are graceful and lean with a lengthy and muscular neck. A greyhounds neck is larger than its head, which means that it will require a specifically designed dog collar for both comfort and safety. Many greyhound collars are especially designed to protect the more slender, dainty necks. They have been created to be broad and flat which means that they do not place lots of unnecessary pressure on one small area of the neck. Average dog collars are unfit for greyhounds as they can hurt your dog’s neck. At Petiquette Collars, we’ve got it all covered. You can feel confident that your greyhound will receive the best dog collar when you buy online from us.

Wide greyhound dog collars have been around for centuries and can be seen in numerous ancient hunting paintings. They were developed even back then to provide protection to the dog's neck. A leather greyhound dog collar was also believed to be particularly useful for shorter coat breeds as they could not rely upon the protection of ample fur like the other hunting dog breeds.

The practicality of a greyhound dog collar from Petiquette.

In the excitement of the dog walk in the park, dogs will pull on their leads and so a wider collar is going to be more comfortable and kinder than a thin collar. This is especially true when you choose one which is lined with butter soft nappa leather like our greyhound collars. When buying a leather collar, all dog owners must make sure that they have the correct size. If you buy a collar that is too large, it can become a safety hazard for a greyhound, too small, and it can make your dog experience discomfort and pain. Overall, a decently fitted collar will offer you the perfect solution for keeping your greyhound safe and secure, while at the same time offering a sense of peace of mind to you as the dog’s owner.

On top of all of the practical reasons to buy one of our greyhound collars, there is additionally the fact that they are stylishly made wide collars that look beautiful. Just because they are specifically created with safety in mind, it does not stop us from making the most attractive dog collars for your greyhound. You will be able to find them in a wide range of colours and designs to suit and dogs lifestyle and you will feel proud showcasing your dog’s new collar when out and about in the park. Your decision of which collar to choose for your greyhound is made so much easier when you are selecting from a premium company like Petiquette Collars.

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Beautiful colour (dusky rose) and fantastic quality. Our mini schnauzer now looks very posh!
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