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All Collars and Leads are Handmade to Order

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    As a dog owner, you will no doubt understand the importance of good quality leather collars and leads. They are not only a fashion statement, but are an extremely functional piece of kit, and as such, you should definitely consider a luxury dog collar from Petiquette for your dog's neck.

    For almost ten years we have been making soft leather dog collars and matching leads for dogs all over the globe.

    We have spent years sourcing the best materials, and our workshop, which is nestled along the Northumbrian coastline, is stacked high with Italian leathers which we use to hand make our custom collars for your dogs.

    Whether you are looking for a brown leather collar for a working dog, or a funky dog collar with heart studs, there is a style of leather collar to choose for everyone.

    At Petiquette Collars we understand that no two dogs are the same. You may share a home with a small breed like the Yorkshire Terrier, or perhaps a large dog breed such as the Great Dane. Our handmade leather dog collars can be made to fit any breed of dog and our strong dog leads can withstand even the most vigorous puller.


    With over twenty colours of soft leather collars you are sure to find a style that you like here at Petiquette. Choose a classic, no fuss collar which is practical and stylish, or take a look at one of our studded dog collar designs, which while not too flashy, can still make quite the impression on other dog walkers.

    Alternatively, if you really want to push the boat out, why not take a look at one our designer dog collar designs which are crafted using show stopping Swarovski crystal.

    Whichever style of handmade leather dog collars you decide to buy for your dog, you can be sure that the quality will be second to none, and we would recommend that you consider a matching dog leash.

    As with our collars, our leather dog leads are made to order and will suit all sizes of dog. If you can't find what you need on our site, perhaps you need a heavy duty studded leather dog collar with solid brass fittings, then get in touch and we'll see what we can do. You can contact us by telephone, email or by social media.


    If you've never bought a leather collar for your dog before, you may be wondering whether or not they are superior to nylon collars. Leather can be quite rigid initially, especially if you buy a collar made with English bridle leather, but over time, the oils from your dog's coat will soak into the leather, and the collar will become beautifully supple. One of the reasons we make our luxury dog collars with Italian leather is that they feel like a beautifully soft padded leather as soon as you put them around your dog's neck, and will only get softer over time.

    It's because of this that leather collars are so well suited for dogs. They don't irritate and chafe as much as cheap mass produced collars, and are strong enough to be used in most situations. A good quality handmade leather dog collar may cost a little more than nylon or rope dog collars, but trust us when we say that our leather dog collars and leads are made to last. So much so that we often have our customers telling us that they would like us to make a new collar for their dog, but have been waiting for their old one to wear out for years, yet it still looks like new!

    We have a huge number of customers who rave about our funky dog collars and leads, so if you would like to see what they have said, why not read through some of our customer reviews, though you may want to get comfy and make a cuppa, as there are a lot to read through.


    With almost a decade of experience in the dog accessory market and close to two thousand positive reviews, we're very confident that if you buy one of our leather dog collars and leads you will be absolutely over the moon. As a family run business, we know the importance of excellent customer service, so if there is anything at all that goes wrong with your collar, which admittedly is unlikely, we'll fix it.

    While we acknowledge that we our collars may not be the cheapest, we have worked hard to ensure that our prices are competitive, especially considering the finished luxury product you will receive. As firm believers of "You get what you pay for", we're sure that when you see your new designer dog collar around your dog's neck, you will become a Petiquette Collars convert and no other leather collar will ever be good enough for your dog.

    We all love special offers though, so if you have a moment, then take a walk through our Ready To Go Collars where you will find a range of funky dog collars and pet leads at knock down prices.