Leather Dog Collars

Why choose a handmade leather dog collar from Petiquette Collars?

You may have an idea about the ideal sort of collar you want for your dog. However, no matter where you have looked on the Internet, you simply cannot find what you had in mind. Well, now you’ve found Petiquette Collars, where we know one of our handmade leather dog collars will be perfect for your dog. You can design your own dog collar out of the finest leather and it will continue to look good for many years to come.

Handmade leather dog collars are easy to care for. It is for this reason that leather dog collars are a very popular choice amongst dog owners. Even better, there is absolutely no requirement to splash out lots of money on creams, leather waxes, or polishes. This is because all of the natural oils in your dog coat will nourish and condition a new handmade leather collar when worn.

There are many handmade leather collar options that you can buy which stand head and shoulders above ordinary collars when it comes to being suitable for a variety of dog breeds.

Personalised handmade leather dog collars.

Many owners prefer to buy personalised dog collars for their much loved friends. You will be able to get creative with your design preferences and colour coordinate your dog to suit your outfits as well. Lots of people are looking for a stylish handmade dog collar for a special occasion so your best friend can be made ready for upcoming weddings, birthday celebrations, and parties. Handmade collars can be styled to display a multitude of sparkles and jewels or you can keep it classic and simple. You may want to purchase a personalised collar for your dog, just because it is bespoke and attractive without ever having to consider the functional benefits as they are inherent in good quality products.

Handmade collars can be decorated according to your own whim. It is becoming more and more common to see dogs wearing bespoke collars while you are walking down the street. Many owners enjoy to see their dogs wearing collars that make their dogs walking symbols of dog owner devotion. Here at Petiquette Collars you’ll find something for every owner, and every dog!

Pretty but practical.

All of our handmade leather collars are not only available in a range of attractive colours, but you are able to find them in a variety of sizes to suit all breeds of dog. There is no way to avoid the fact that handmade collars are smart and sturdy collars that are designed to be suitable for the busy lives of dogs. Fantastic craftsmanship allows for attention to detail to take place and the use of quality materials means that our dog collars are as comfy as possible. Hand stitched for strength, time is taken when our collars are made by hand to ensure that durability is a key factor. Made with signature leather, practical dog collars from Petiquette Collars are a life long friend.

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Fit for a princess!
Beautiful colour (dusky rose) and fantastic quality. Our mini schnauzer now looks very posh!
Petiquette Collars review.
5 / 5