Inner Circle Luxury Whippet Collar

Size Guide
Leads are approx 1 metre long. Crystal leads will have the same colour crystals at the base of the lead

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If you like diamonds, you’ll love this luxury whippet collar. The Inner Circle has been designed to deliver full-scale shimmer and sparkle.

The leather collar is decorated with 3 diamond motifs. Each one is made from dazzling xilion square-cut Swarovski crystals, with a round crystal at the centre in any colour of your choice. 

These xilion crystals have been specially designed by Swarovski to maximise light refraction. Even on dull rainy days they look spectacular. On sunny days... bring sunglasses!  

Each crystal will be individually hand-riveted into place, so they’ll stay put permanently.  

This bespoke luxury whippet collar can be made in any leather colour you like. Simply choose your favourite from our wide range of contemporary leather shades, then pick a colour for the central crystal. We’ll make the collar by hand to your specifications. 

At Petiquette, we use only the finest Italian leather, and we’ll line the collar in the same luxuriously soft leather to make sure it feels comfy against your dog’s neck. You won’t have to worry about any hard edges causing irritation or uncomfortable chaffing. 

The Inner Circle whippet collar is 1¾” wide, tapering to a ¾” buckle and strap. This offers just the right amount of support for your whippet’s slender neck. It will fit like a glove, without being too bulky or heavy. 

For extra sparkle...

We can make a matching Italian leather dog lead. If you like, we can add a row of xilion square-cut Swarovski crystals to the base of the lead near the clip. Or if you prefer a little less bling, you can always opt for a plain leather lead. 

Our handmade leather leads measure around 1 metre in length. They are available in a range of widths, but for whippets we usually recommend either 5/8 or 3/4“.