Italian Leather Whippet Collar

Size Guide
Leads are approx 1 metre long. Crystal leads will have the same colour crystals at the base of the lead

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A chic, elegant whippet collar, made entirely by hand from luxuriously soft Italian leather. 

This whippet collar is available in dozens of contemporary leather colours – from vibrant reds, blues, pinks and greens to more muted olive and acorn shades. Just choose your favourite and we’ll make it to order. 

There's no need to worry about neck staining because the high-quality leather is completely colour-fast. Even the brightest shades will stay put on the collar, not your dog’s coat.  

The collar has been specially designed for durability and comfort. Unlike cheaper whippet collars, it has a robust leather core and is fully lined with the soft Italian calf leather against the neck, with smooth rounded edges to prevent rubbing or hair loss.  

To support your dog’s slender neck, all Petiquette sighthound collars are made in a fishtail shape. Our whippet collars measure 1¾” at the widest point, tapering to a ¾” buckle and strap. This gives the collar exactly the right amount of protection, without being too bulky.  

To complete the look...

How about a matching handmade leather lead? They are around 1 metre in length, with a handy D-ring in the handle for clipping round your shoulder or waist while your whippet is off lead. 

They are available in a range of widths, although for whippets we recommend either 3/4” or 5/8”.