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Honeycomb Wideboy Collar

Size Guide
Collar Size Guide

Petiquette Collars are tailor made to order for the perfect fit, so measuring your dog's neck or existing collar is essential.  

We measure our collars from the centre of the buckle to the first and last hole as in the image below, so if the distance from the centre of the buckle to the first hole was 12" and the distance to the last hole was 14", the collar size would be a 12"-14" and would fit a dog with a neck between the sizes of 12" and 14".  There is a half an inch gap between each hole.  

To measure your dog's neck, use a soft tape measure or piece of string and wrap around the centre of the neck so that it is touching the fur but is not tight.  This will be the smallest length of the collar.

For example, if the measurement is 12", we'd recommend a 12"-14" collar.  If you're unsure of sizing please contact us before ordering.

Please note, DO NOT measure the total length of your collar as this will lead to an incorrect size.


Sizing a sighthound collar

To size your sighthound for a Petiquette collar, you can measure your existing collar in exactly the same way as above.

If measuring your dog's neck, then it's slightly different as sighthounds are adept escape artists.  With a soft tape measure, measure the circumference of the neck from below the chin to behind the ears so that the tape measure is touching the fur but is not  tight.  If the measurement is 13", then the smallest sized hole on the collar would be 13" from the centre of the buckle on your Petiquette collar.

The Honeycomb Wideboy collar is covered in a uniform pattern of large and small Swarovski crystals, similar to what you'd find in a bee hive.  Having so many crystals next to each other makes a truly magnificent spectacle, and you'll be guaranteed to set heads turning wherever you walk your dazzling dog! 

An inch and a quarter wide with a d-ring placed in the middle of the collar for easy attachment to your lead, and tapering under the chin, this collar will really stand out against your dog.

To create your own unique Honeycomb collar, select one large and one small colour of Swarovski crystal from the drop down menus and choose which leather colour you'd like the collar to be made using.

The buckle size will vary depending on the size of the collar, but if you'd prefer an alternative to the size listed, just get in touch when you order, and the collar can be made how you'd prefer.

Create your own bespoke leather dog collar

As all of our designer dog collars are handmade to order, it allows you the opportunity to create one of a kind collars, unavailable from most retailers.

Choose any shade of our Italian calf leather or metallic leathers to have your leather collar made in, and browse our selection of Swarovski crystals for your sparkling crystal collar design.

Petiquette Collars Leather Swatches

Metallic leather dog collar colours

Swarovski crystal colour options

Unsure about sizing or colours?

Ask a question

If there's anything at all you're unsure about before ordering a leather collar from Petiquette, please get in touch and we'll be more than happy to help.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fabulous as always

This our 4th collar from Petiquette and it’s as stunning as the others. I love the wide boy because the ‘D’ ring on the back is so easy to attach your lead to or grab hold of if you need to. I was slightly concerned the burnt orange might be too bright but as you can see it’s a beautiful tan orange in reality. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

Keeping my girls posh

Always go out of there way to make my little dogs collar to the size I want. This time I chose orchid leather and amethyst stones, The colour and quality is always first class , a huge thank you yet again . Mrs L Day

A beautiful, eye catching collar,

A beautiful, eye catching collar, this is the second collar I have purchased for my dog, wouldn't buy her collars from anywhere else now

I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

I've had 5 collars so far - 3 for the cat and I received my latest purchases today for my two adorable Cockers. I can't praise
P-Etiquette enough! The collars are exceptional, beautiful quality workmanship, fantastic value for money and these collars are absolutely stunning....worth every last penny. Your dog or cat will be the envy of the neighbourhood in a P-Etiquette collar. Thank you very much.