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    Here at Petiquette Collars we're proud to offer a huge selection of leather colours so that you can create a leather dog collar look that you just won't find anywhere else.  Some of our customers have even playfully dubbed us as "The United Colors of Benetton" of the dog world!

    We have two ranges of beautiful nappa leather to create our collars.  
    The first, our "Soft & Subtle" range is a butter soft leather available in a variety of more subdued and traditional colours.  This type of leather is great for small dogs, or those who don't scratch at their necks too much.
    soft and subtle leather collars from Petiquette Collars
    The "Cool & Contemporary" range offers a kaleidoscope of vibrant contemporary colours.  The leather is still nice and soft to the touch, but has a slightly firmer and heavier feel so is a little more resilient when it comes to being scratched.
    If you're unsure which type of leather would be best for your dog collar, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.
    cool and contemporary leather dog collars


    When you customise your own bespoke leather dog collar from Petiquette you're able to choose from chrome or brass fittings.  If you choose brass fittings, then the buckle, d ring, eyelets, rivets and trigger clasps from leads will be made using brass, but any Swarovski crystals will still be in a chrome casing and likewise any decorative rivets or conchos will also be chrome.

    Swarovski Crystal Colour Options

    We've a wide range of Swarovski crystals for you to decorate your luxury leather dog collar with.  There are two sizes, large and small, the colour chart below shows the colours available in each size.

    Swarovski crystal dog collars