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Dog Collar Sizing Guide

How to measure your dog's neck for a luxury dog collar

Every leather dog collar that we make is tailor made to fit your dog's neck like a glove.  No more annoying flaps of leather that look unsightly and more often than not get chewed on.

We make our collars so that there is plenty of room to loosen and tighten the collar to allow for before and after grooming, or if your canine friend may *ahem* put on a little padding...

It really couldn't be easier to measure your dog's neck for a handmade leather dog collar from Petiquette Collars.

All you will need is a soft tape measure or a piece of string, a pen and paper, and perhaps most importantly, your dog.


Step 1

Have your dog stand comfortably, hopefully they won't wriggle too much, but if they do, then bribery with some tasty treats can help.  Wrap the tape measure or piece of string around the middle of your dog's neck so that it is touching the fur but is not tight around the neck. 

The tape measure shouldn't be hanging loose though, and do not put your fingers underneath the tape measure; we all have different sized fingers, so this will give an inaccurate measurement.  


Step 2

Make a note of this reading and then take a look at the sizes we offer for each of our bespoke collars.

Whatever the measurement of your dog's neck is, we would recommend that you choose the size where the smallest hole would be as close to the neck measurement as possible.

In other words...

If your dog has a neck size of roughly 13.5", then we would always recommend that you choose a 13" - 15" collar size.  This will give enough room to tighten it should they lose a little weight, and it gives enough room to slacken it if needed.


Step 3

If you feel that your dog doesn't fit any of our sizes, or if you just need to talk to someone to make sure you've got it right, then please call or email us.  

We're always available to talk you through sizing, as we want your dog to be comfortable in their new leather dog collar.


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