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How to measure for a martingale collar

Measuring your dog for a martingale collar from Petiquette Collars needn't be stressful. 

When pulled to its tightest point, the steel rings on either end of the collar should be almost touching.  This prevents your dog from being able to back out of the collar whilst remaining comfortable when loose.

As most of our leather martingale collars are non-adjustable, we need a couple of measurements taken with a soft tape measure or piece of string to ensure the perfect fit.

How to measure your dog's neck

If you have a sighthound, such as a greyhound, whippet or Italian greyhound (other sighthounds also apply!) then you'll need to measure the points detailed in steps 1 & 2.  If you have a non sighthound breed, then if you measure the middle of the neck as shown in step 3.

Step 1

The first measurement we need is the widest part of the head, which is generally over the ears.  The martingale collar needs to slip over the head, so will need to be large enough to fit over this part.

See the blue line marked A in the photo below for a rough guide of where to measure this part of the head.

Step 2

The second part is the narrowest part of the neck, which will be the circumference from under the chin around the top of the neck, just behind the ears.  This is marked as line B on the image below.

With these two measurements we'll be able to create a tailor made martingale collar for your sighthound which will fit like a glove.

Step 3

If your dog is not a sighthound, then you would simply need to measure the circumference of the neck at about the middle point, as shown by line C.

how to measure a martingale collar


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