How to measure your dog for a rolled leather house collar

Measuring your dog for a leather house collar is easy 

Our soft leather house collars are a comfortable way to hold your dog's ID tags around their necks at all times.  Follow these steps to get the perfect fit for your dog's ID tag collar.

We have two styles of house collar; one with a clasp which sits like a necklace, and another without a clasp which slides over the dog's head.  Each style of collar has a slightly different way of measuring to ensure the perfect fit.

Style 1 - house collar with a clasp

To measure your dog's neck for a house collar which has a clasp, it's a simple case of measuring the dog's neck where you would like it to sit.  We would normally recommend just above the collar bone, and a little lower than where a regular collar would sit.

Wrap a soft tape measure around the neck so that it's touching the fur but isn't too tight - don't put any fingers underneath either, that will result in too loose a collar.

Whatever the measurement is at the point taken, select the size from the drop down menu.  The total length of the collar including clasps and o ring will be the same as this measurement and should sit perfectly where you've measured.


Style 2 - slip on style house collar (no clasp)

Measuring for our slip on house collars is slightly different.  The collar is designed to slide over the head and then sit on the neck.  In order to do this, it needs to be large enough to pass the widest part of the head, which is typically around the ears.  

Wrap your tape measure or piece of string around the ears and take this measurement, then select that size from the drop down menu.  The size of the collar including the o ring will equal this measurement.

Most dogs necks are slightly narrower than their heads so the collar should then sit in the correct place, but if you just measure the middle of the neck, chances are it won't fit over the head.

Remember, you want to be able to slide the collar off without causing any distress to your dog, but you don't want it to be so tight that you're pulling off their ears!