How to measure your dog for a rolled leather house collar

Measuring your dog for a rolled leather house collar is easy 

Our soft leather house collars are a comfortable way to hold your dog's ID tags around their necks at all times.  Follow these steps to get the perfect fit for your dog's ID tag collar.

How to measure your dog's neck

Check the photo below for where around your dog's neck you should measure. 

Step 1

 A house collar should be fairly loose when worn, more so than a regular collar.  We would normally recommend that it sits roughly around the middle of the neck, at line C on the photo, but it's fine for it to be a little lower too.

Wrap a soft tape measure so that it is nice and loose around the mid point and make a note of this measurement. 

The total length of the finished house collar, including clasp and o ring, or just o ring for the slip on style of collar, will be the same as this measurement. 

Step 2


If you are choosing one of our slip on style house collars, then you'll need to double check the measurement at line A, which should be the widest part of your dog's head. 

The collar needs to be able to large enough so that it will slide over the ears and sit roughly at the mid section of the neck, but not so loose that it will come flying off every time your dog shakes it's head!

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