Top quality designer leather dog collars

Top quality designer leather dog collars from Petiquette Collars

There are many dog owners who simply prefer the 'classic' leather look dog collar for their pets. This is often because as leather is a natural material, it is strong, long lasting and much less irritating than other collars. Our designer leather dog collars are made from the finest leather, best materials, and they look stunning on your dog.

Why buy one of our luxury leather collars?

Petiquette luxury leather collars look great and are customised especially for you and your pet. They come with a wide variety of style additions and are also available in various colours and styles to suit any breed. Our leather dog collars are bespoke, handmade with natural materials. Being natural, it means the comfort level for most dogs is clear. They are the best choice for a dog who struggles wearing collars or who have super sensitive skin. Even if your dog doesn’t have sensitive skin, our luxury dog collars are the best, and we think all dogs deserve the best.

Easy maintenance leather dog collar.

Our dog collars are easy to take care of. Just use a damp cloth and wipe off any dried mud and dirt then set it aside to dry naturally. That is all it usually takes to do the job, but if it needs more, simply apply a tiny amount of soap to any stains and gently rub with your cloth. It couldn’t be easier.

A great choice for large dogs.

Our leather collars are some of the best for large, strong dogs. As they are so versatile and breathable, any dog is happy to wear these collars, but they will also remain intact if you have a dog with the sudden urge to pull on their lead. Thicker leather collars will be very heavy for smaller dogs. It is important to factor in the thickness of your leather collar along with its width when buying your dog their next collar from Petiquette or any other dog collar supplier. Leather dog collars provide many pet owners and their much loved dogs with an overwhelming sense of security.

Collars might not be something that most people think too about much, but they are a multi-functional essential for every pet loving home. A decent, stable leather collar will not only last a long time, it looks timeless and is very versatile. Buy one of our luxury designer dog collars today and treat your dog to an amazing gift, whilst showing the world how loved your best friend is.