Crystal Indulgence Italian Greyhound Collar

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Leads are approx 1 metre long. Crystal leads will have the same colour crystals at the base of the lead

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The most dazzlingly indulgent Italian greyhound collar on the market. Studded with a glistening array of Swarovski crystals, this is the perfect way to show your little Iggy how much you love them. 

What's more, you can design your own collar and make it as unique as your dog. Choose your favourite leather colour, then get creative with colours for the medium and small crystals. Let your imagination run riot and choose as many or as few as you like. We’ll make this collar by hand to your specifications. 

Every available space on this collar will be chock-full of glistening Swarovski crystals in a chaotic pattern, creating a stunning effect as they catch the light. Each crystal is securely riveted into place by hand so you won’t have to worry about losing any of them. 

The collar is comfortable as well as beautiful. It's made from top quality Italian leather and lined with the same luxuriously soft leather for a luxurious feel against your dog’s neck. 

It measures 1½” at its widest point and tapes to a ½” strap and buckle, the perfect amount of support for your dog’s delicate neck.  

Complete the look... 

You won’t want your old lead spoiling the effect, so how about a matching leather lead? We can add the same colours of crystal to the base of the lead or, if you prefer a more understated look, you could go for a plain leather lead. 

Our handmade leather leads are around 1 metre long and come in a range of widths. For petite Italian greyhounds we recommend a ½” width to prevent the clasp becoming too heavy for them. 


Customer Reviews

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morag d. (Wimborne Minster, GB)
shame about the lack of symmetry

Nicely made collar, spoilt by the fact that the diamantes were completely randomly added, rather than being arranged symmetrically. The collar is a symmetrical shape, why not make the diamantes follow the pattern? It seems a shame considering that these are handmade items and not cheap (but they look cheaper due to the lazy application)

Hi Morag
Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, though I am a little surprised to hear your comments about 'lazy application' as you put it.
The Crystal Indulgence collar has a chaotic pattern by intent, this is demonstrated by the product image which clearly shows how the collar will look, and the description which also states that the crystals will be in a chaotic pattern, so I'm unsure as to why you would think it would be symmetrical. Each crystal is applied to the collar by hand, so whether they are in symmetry or asymmetry it takes just as much care and time, and I assure you there is no laziness involved.
I do have several other collar designs which have a more symmetrical pattern, the Razzle Dazzle, Crystal Clarity and Proud as Punch to name a few, but many people love the randomness of an asymmetrical design which makes this design so popular.
Many thanks

Max d.W.
Perfect in every way. All

Perfect in every way. All 3 of my dogs have these and everybody always remarks about how beautiful they are.