Floral Print Leather Cat Collar

There's nothing quite as en vogue at the moment as floral print, so we thought that our feline customers would love this floral print leather cat collar.

Made with butter soft Italian leather from the world famous Tempesti tanneries nestled in the hills of Tuscany, the cat collar can be made in a variety of colours, all featuring a gorgeous flower pattern.



Petiquette leather cat collars will fit a cat with a neck size between 20cm and 24cm.  There are five holes, each 1cm apart.  In order to ensure the collar will fit your cat, wrap a soft tape measure loosely around the middle of the neck allowing enough room for 1 finger and take that measurement.  



We use a high quality YKK breakaway clip which will come apart when a medium amount of pressure is exerted on it.  The collars are not recommended for use on cats weighing under 2.5kg as there will not be enough weight to break the clip open if they become caught.

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Beautiful collar!

Loved this collar but....the first time ever Jemima has lost her collar after just 3 days 😢 Gutted!