For The Hounds Whippet Collar

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Leads are approx 1 metre long. Crystal leads will have the same colour crystals at the base of the lead

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The perfect choice for elegant hounds, the `For the Hounds’ leather whippet collar features a silver concho at its centre depicting the head of a sighthound. The whippet collar is made entirely by hand in our Northumberland workshop. We use soft, supple Italian leather and line the collar with the same leather for a velvety smooth feel against your dog’s neck. Smooth rounded edges prevent any danger of rubbing or irritation.

Unlike cheaper collars, this collar is leather throughout, with a sturdy leather core to ensure durability. 

We can make this whippet collar in any colour you like. Just take a look at our range of contemporary leather shades and pick one that suits your dog’s coat. The leather is completely colour-fast. Whichever shade you choose, rest assured that it will stay put on the collar, not your dog’s neck. 

To protect and support your whippet’s delicate neck, we make this collar in a fishtail shape. It measures 1¾” at its widest point and tapers to a ¾” buckle and strap. 

Would you like a matching lead? 

To complete the look, we can make an Italian leather lead in the same colour. It will be approximately 1 metre long, with a handy D-ring on the handle for clipping around your shoulder or waist while your whippet is off lead. 

For whippets, we recommend a 3/4“ or 5/8” width to prevent the clasp becoming too heavy for them.  

Measuring your sighthound for a leather collar

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Whippets Glamour


Beautiful collar for Alfie

Excellent quality and good fit. The workmanship is beautiful and it’s a very good fit. Arrived about two weeks after ordering so I was more than happy with this given the work involved. I’m already planning my next purchase!