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Padded Leather Half Check Dog Collar

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Padded Half Check Collar

Also known as a martingale collar, this type of collar is ideal if your dog has a tendency to back out of or escape from regular flat collars, or if you struggle with the buckle of a regular leather dog collar.

We have sourced luxurious Italian calf leather to create our soft leather dog collars. You are able to choose the main colour for the outer part of the collar, then if you wish, a contrasting lining and stitching. Whether you would like a traditional brown leather collar, or a mix of lime green and jaffa orange leather, there are colour combinations to suit any dog coat or personality.

The martingale collars can be made in four different widths from 1/2" wide to 1" wide to fit small breeds of dog or large breeds. We use a chrome plated check chain for our martingale collars, and the wider the collar, the heavier the chain will be. Please note , we would not advise using a 1/2" or 5/8" wide collar for larger dog breeds as they may be able to snap the chain if they are pull on the lead regularly.

If you are looking for a dog collar and lead set, then we also offer a matching lead, which will be made using the same colours of leather that you choose for your collar.

The leather dog leads measure approximately one metre in length from handle to clasp, and feature a d ring in the handle so that the lead can be clipped around a shoulder when your dog is off lead. 

Will a martingale collar stop your dog pulling?

In the past people would use a choke collar to "check" the dog if it started to pull. The collar would be used to cause discomfort which was believed to teach the dog to stop pulling on the lead. In actual fact, it would cause a fear based response, and is not helping the dog in the slightest, only causing them pain and long term damage.

To avoid this, it is vital that when the collar is pulled tight around the dog's neck, the two loops on either end of the chain are almost touching. This ensures that the collar cannot be used to choke the dog, and the collar will be comfortably loose if the dog is not pulling.

If your dog does pull and you are unsure how to remedy it, we would advise seeking the advice of a professional trainer, who will teach you better ways to reward and train your dog.

When will my leather dog collar arrive?



If there is anything that you are not sure about before ordering a leather dog collar from us at Petiquette Collars, we are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Send us a message with the form on this page, email us at or give us a call on 0191 603 1440

Customer Reviews

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What a collar!!!

My gorgeous black and purple collar looks stunning on my GSD so pleased with it the quality is amazing thank you

Beautiful and great quality

Just received 2 new collars for my dogs. They are excellent quality, it was prompt delivery, they are beautiful and my dogs look so smart

Beautiful white soft leather collar for a snow bear.

I had issues with nylon collar dye leaking on my white dog. They also made him cough. This lovely soft white leather half check collar looks perfect on him and he doesn’t choke. Well worth it. Quick professional service too - Thankyou

5* Quality

Beautifully made and looks very classy. Will definitely order again.

Snow White padded leather half check collar and lead

Lovely item fits my shih tzu perfectly I highly recommend getting proper collar & lead from here as the quality so good. The leather is so soft. Thank you

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