Red Dingo - Enamel Pet ID Tag - 2 Tone Pink Heart

Red Dingo - Enamel Pet ID Tag - 2 Tone Pink Heart - Petiquette Collars

Red Dingo - Enamel Pet ID Tag - 2 Tone Pink Heart

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  • Lifetime guarantee on engraving
  • Engraved & Dispatched by Red Dingo from Switzerland
  • Free Worldwide shipping
  • Usually delivered within 2-3 weeks
Please be aware, that all Red Dingo ID tags are dispatched from red Dingo in Switzerland. They typically take 2-3 weeks for delivery, though unfortunately there are sometimes international postal delays which are more common since Brexit/COVID.

Price includes FREE engraving & worldwide delivery

Red Dingo stainless steel and enamel two tone pink heart ID tags can be engraved on the reverse of the ID tag and come with a lifetime product guarantee on the engraving from Red Dingo.  

Engraving Guidance

ID Tag Size  Lines of text Number of characters per line
Small (20mm) 3 13
Medium (30mm) 5 16
Large (38mm) 6 19


When choosing the text to be engraved on your tag, we would always recommend your house number/name and postcode along with a telephone number.  

We would advise against engraving the name of your dog as this makes it easier for dog thieves.

what details for pet ID tag

What details should be on a dog tag in the UK?

The image above shows a few examples of the sort of information you should have engraved onto your dog’s ID tag.  If you're ordering one of our stainless steel ID tags or brass ID tags, you can choose to have engraving for free on both sides of the ID tag.  

On the first side we'd recommend your surname, house number and postcode if you’ ordering a small tag, or if you are buying a medium or large size identification tag, then you should be able to fit your surname, house number, street, town and postcode.

On the reverse side we would advise a mobile number, landline and “chipped” or “microchipped”.

If you have fallen in love with one of our Red Dingo enamel ID tagsglitter tags or Swarovski crystal pet ID tags then you will only be able to have engraving on one side, but should still be able to fit your surname, house number, postcode and a telephone number.

We would STRONGLY advise against adding your pet’s name to the ID tag, as this will make it much easier for thieves to gain your pet’s trust.

If you have any questions about what details you should have engraved on your pet’s ID tag, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Remember, all Red Dingo pet ID tags come with free postage, free engraving, and a lifetime guarantee on the quality of the engraving.  If the engraving on your tag becomes unreadable, then let us know and we should be able to help. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
sean b. (Bristol, GB)
Far too long

Like I reported in the collar review you need to sort your act out
Collar review reply was predictable
" we say we put everywhere it's seperate"
What you don't say is the I'd tag will turn up over a week after the collar and take no responsibility for the fact, even though you promote them on your site
Over 4 weeks for an I'd tag !
Really - que predictable response == !!

Hi Sean

Thanks again for leaving another review, very considerate of you. Just to clear a couple of things up here for you and any other customers reading your thoughtful feedback.

You placed your order for a collar and ID tag over the bank holiday weekend on Saturday 30th. It was submitted to Red Dingo to be engraved on Monday 2nd May (the bank holiday), and was then engraved and dispatched by Red Dingo on 3rd May. Red Dingo don't use a tracked service (it's how they can offer free worldwide delivery but means we can't locate packages along their journey) so once it's been dispatched, we're at the mercy of international mail services and customs, which since Brexit and covid have become a bit of a mare to put it mildly.

I completely agree that 3-4 weeks is a long time for a tag to be delivered, but if you don't tell me that there's an issue with delivery, I'm not sure how you expect me to resolve it.

The fact of the matter is, it's simply not possible to check with every customer to ensure that their order arrives on time, I wish I could, but I'm one person and if I did that, I'd be getting a lot more negative feedback as I wouldn't have any time to physically make customers' orders. Instead, I have to rely on the customer letting me know if there's an issue. Had you taken a moment to let me know that the tag was taking a long time, I could have chased it up with Red Dingo and asked them to send another for you.

And now, cue the predictable response as you put it. As I mentioned in the previous review response, I do explain in no less than eight places on the website (I forgot to mention it's also on the dispatch confirmation email) that the delivery timescale is 5-14 working days, ie Monday-Friday, and that it will be delivered direct from Red Dingo. All I can do as an online retailer is to put the information on the site, and hope that people will read it, and if there is an issue with delivery, that they will let me know so that I can help.

Thanks again for taking the time to leave the feedback.

Tommy (Cowdenbeath, GB)
Perfect, great quality & service!

Very simple process from start to finish. Tags & engraving are excellent quality & worth paying the bit extra than cheaper substitutes as they really do last! Very quick delivery, can't recommend highly enough!

Sarah W.
Excellent service

Love red dingo dog ID tags. Excellent service and speedy delivery from petiquitte.

Small tags - 13 characters per line
Medium tags - 16 characters per line
Large tags - 19 characters per line
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