Starry Night Crystal Greyhound Collar with Stars

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Leads are approx 1 metre long. Crystal leads will have the same colour crystals at the base of the lead

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What could be better than a crystal greyhound collar? A crystal greyhound collar with stars! 

The Starry Night is decorated with a glittering combination of silver star-shaped studs and genuine Swarovski crystals. It will look spectacular as you walk your dog, glistening and sparkling as it catches the light.

We make all our sighthound collars to order so you can customise it in any colour combination you like. First, choose your favourite shade of soft, glossy Italian leather, then pick out the colours for the large and small Swarovski crystals.

Your new sighthound collar will be made by hand to your exact specifications. Each star and crystal will be hand-riveted securely in place, so you won’t have to worry about losing any of them as your dog runs around. 

For an instantly comfy feel, we will use the same butter-soft calf leather for the lining. This ensures a perfect fit, and prevents the rubbing and fur loss often associated with harder leather collars.  

It's important to support your sighthound’s slender neck, so we’ve designed the collar with this in mind. Its fishtail shape measures 2” at the widest point, narrowing to a 1” buckle, strap and D-ring.  

A matching lead will have a random pattern of crystals and stars next to the clasp or choose a plain lead in the same colour of leather.

For some extra sparkle...

How about a matching leather dog lead? Just like the collar, it will be made by hand from soft Italian leather and if you like, we can add stars and crystals to the base of the lead. Or if you prefer something a little more low-key, you can always opt for a plain leather lead. 

Petiquette handmade leather dog leads measure around 1 metre in length and are available in a range of widths. 

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Starry Night Greyhound Collar
The collar is absolutely perfect
Fantastic Collar